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We're diverse, analytical, yet creative and admittedly, addicted to all things tech. We've been developing software since the early 80's, designing websites since the beginning of the internet and optimizing websites before everyone else knew what SEO was. We are known for "thinking outside of the box" and having the ability to solve problems in unique ways.

Core Team

Josh works with the development team to turn vision into design.  Josh applies his knowledge of the industry to help establish a look and feel for software and web applications that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well and we must admit he's great at it.

In his free time, Josh enjoys the theatre, rugby and volunteering for the local Pride organization.


With many years of experience, Glenn is the head of development . He builds applications and technology for clients that need to streamline business, and boost efficiency . Although most of his work is behind the scenes, he provides the essentials for what makes the company run.

Glenn believes "work hard, play hard."  He loves to travel even to places without internet.


If it requires a signature the title is President, otherwise, around here Erin's title is Mom.  She handles a variety of tasks, you know the ones no one else wants to do.

In her free time, Erin enjoys spending time with her daughter, Emma, her husband, Gene and their many, many nieces and nephews.


David establishes and maintains customer relations throughout the company, builds rapport and connections with customer/client base.  He proactively develops relationships with key users and provides the Product Marketing team with customer feedback on product improvements.

Software Development

The DF developers have been creating software since the 1980's. This extensive experience lets us satisfy your needs for robust software at the right price. We can create custom applications for your business or turn your ideas into a commercial product. No matter what your needs, no matter what your platform, we can deliver.

Web Development

Web Application Development is much more than laying out some HTML. Applications on the web can do almost everything a conventional desktop application can do and many things a desktop app can't do. We can help you turn your ideas into the "next big thing" on the web, help you interface with your customers online or develop an internal business system that lets your employees work online. In addition, we can develop mobile versions of your web applications that will work on all popular smart phones and tablets.

Facebook Development

Social Networking is "the future" for marketing. To be successful you need to connect with your customers over Facebook and other social platforms. We develop a Facebook application that lets you provide services directly on a Fan page tab (like a job search or real estate search). We can let users login to your website using their Facebook account and retrieve their information into your system or we can use your ideas to develop the next "hot" Facebook game or application.

Mobile Development

Smart Phones are growing at the incredible rate and people expect to do much more with their phones than talk or text. If you want to stay connected with your customers you need to make sure you website is at least mobile accessible. To keep your customers coming back your website should look/work like a mobile application when viewed on a smart phone. For the best experience we can deliver a mobile application as a product for you to sell or as an extension of your business services.

The best marketing is "word of mouth" when your products and services are so good that your friends tell their friends and they tell their friends and so on and so on.

Facebook brings "word of mouth" marketing online.

Websites are your online store front. Facebook is your front porch. We can bring your business to Facebook with custom tab programming and custom Facebook apps (like Farmville or our Secrets App) or allow users to login and share information with your website with Facebook connect.

We can enhance your Facebook presence in several ways:

Custom Pages (tabs)

Custom pages allow us to provide a richer experience for your page visitors.  You can add animations and extra content like our moving skyline above or provide actual services via your tab.  Look at our "Job Search" page on the left for a sample of a real product that we offer that allows job seekers to look for healthcare jobs.

Facebook Applications

Facebook apps aren't just for farming.  Applications let you interact fully with your fans.  Once a user has authorized your application you get access to their profile information so you can customize their experience and your service.  Your application can also interact with your users to send them messages, post on their wall, etc.  It's a great way to provide a service to your fans as well as a way to build your brand.

Facebook Connect for your website

By using Facebook connect on your website, your users can login without having to fill out more registrations or remember more usernames and passwords.  But the big bonus to your site is that you can access their information to customize their experience and learn more about your users.  Once connected via Facebook your website can interact with your FB users just like a Facebook application.

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